Awwwards. is a professional web design and development competition body. It aims to recognize and promote the finest of innovative web design. The best year-round submissions are awarded at the Awwwards conference and prize-giving ceremony.

‘Websites of the Year’ dashboard is one of the side projects developed…

Android App Market Analysis is a data visualisation project that presents an overview of collated data from 10k apps on Google Play Store and gives a brief insight into strategies for pricing and sizing of applications.

The project was undertaken after completion of a beginners/intermediate-level Tableau course…

Designing Notification Center

Every week in HT Beyond, we spent time in discussing upon specific flow productions and problem-solving tactics within the mobile residential community app (that was designed by HT Beyond) to consider different cases to develop it and think in more detail upon the usability of the app.

Our designated task…

Subskeep, Keep your Subscriptions efficiently.

Subskeep is a mobile application that manages your media subscriptions more efficiently by providing an end-to-end experience — from the moment you subscribe till the day you cancel. I mainly contributed to the branding, problem-solving, user ideations, wireframing, UI designs and prototyping aspects of the project.

Vivi Shin

Digital Product Designer in Sydney 🇦🇺

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